What better feeling is there than putting on a new pair of shoes?

The mindset that you can run faster and jump higher all from sliding on a new pair of shoes is real. It can boost a child's' confidence that  may not have been there beforehand. We believe that every kid deserves a chance to feel like a champion, and slipping on a new pair of shoes is a way to accomplish that. 

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A non-profit organization focused on creating Champions one pair of Shoes at a time.

Our mission is to support children who cannot get new shoes to keep up with their growth and sports demands. The feeling of a new pair of shoes and the confidence it delivers is almost impossible to replicate and can have a meaningful impact on a child's life. Children everywhere need new shoes regularly, and the cost of quality kid's shoes has increased, making it even harder to keep up with demand. The shoes may be needed for the start of school, a new sports team, everyday wear, or a meaningful Christmas gift. We acknowledge that sometimes, second-hand shoes are the only option due to lack of support, funds, timing, or any of life's hard lessons that transpire inside their world. Our goal is to provide 1,000,000 pairs of new shoes to kids by the end of 2026 and know that the trickle-down effect of that impact will be felt throughout communities nationwide. 

Looking for ways to help?

Refer a child

Do you know of a child in need who would benefit from a new pair of shoes?

Charitable Donation

We allocate for a cost of $50/pair of shoes for each child. Give the gift of as many shoes as you choose.

Purchase the shoes on your own

E-mail us at [email protected] and we will provide details for a drop ship. Note: All processing will need to come from us first, so no drop ships direct to child.

Do you know of a child in need of new shoes?

This information is only to be used for the non-profit A Champion's Shoes and for no other reason other than to provide new shoes to underprivileged children with no discrimination or bias..